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Bee Time Again
The red maples are putting out, so it is time to get our bees ready for the spring honey flow.  It is important to get your bees healthy so they are able to take the excess nectar and turn it into surplus honey.  We as beekeepers should strive to get our bees healthy because if your bees are not healthy they will die.  We need to make sure the queen is laying well and that the bees have enough stores.  Treat your bees for mites and nosema at least 4 weeks before the honey flow.  If your bees are in good shape and you want the increase, split your bees to prevent swarming and to ensure a good honey crop.  I hope all beekeepers have a wealth of bees and a great honey crop and if you have any questions contact us and we will try to assist you.
  • John Rhoton

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