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New products and some free shipping
We are proud to offer a new line,( made just for us ) of ventilated jackets and full bee suits .We also offer new heavy duty cowhide ventilated gloves all with free shipping. We also offer a new product called oxalic acid vaporizers or varroa cleaner and also have free shipping on them. We would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.
New Equipment
We will soon be offering ventilated bee jackets and suits,a new line of heavy cowhide gloves and regular jackets and gloves all with free shipping.
Bee Active

I checked hives over the weekend and the bees are starting to raise brood on a bigger scale than i would have thought. They are bringing in nectar and pollen. The pollen ranges from a light tan to a dull gray. This time of year pay close attention to your bees, check them on warm days and feed if necessary.

Keep an eye on the website.  We are going to add new equipment and lower some more prices. We plan to add top bar hives and 8-frame equipment and some other items.  Get your bees healthy and have a great honey season.

Mercury's Rising, Prices are Falling
It's been a wild winter here at the Farm, but we're finally starting to see signs of a thaw.  And though we know we're not out of the woods yet, the warmer temperatures have us looking forward to the coming bee season.  While our bees have been taking a well-deserved rest, we've been working hard developing relationships with manufacturers to help us deliver lower prices on a wide range of products.  We've dropped our prices on everything from our 10" hive tool to our frame spacing tool and wood bound excluder.  We shaved almost 10% off our frame wiring board and more than 20% off the price of our smoker fuel.  We've even cut our prices on eyeletseyelet punches, and 9-frame spacers.  And we've done it all without sacrificing quality.  Same great products; new low prices.

There's no getting around it: beekeeping is expensive, whether you're a hobbyist, a sideliner, or a commercial operation.  Every penny matters, and that's why when we improve our operations, we pass the savings on to you, our customers.
February Warm Up
The red maples are starting to bloom.  With the warm up this coming week, it is time to see how your bees are doing. It is important to check for stores and to see if the queen is laying.  It is a good time to put in a pollen patty and feed in small amounts:  feed only what they will take in quickly as not to introduce more moisture in the hive.  Bees can stand cold they just cannot stand to be cold and wet.  Now is the time to check for nosema and to start treating them as you feed them.  Be sure they have 15-20 pounds of honey to carry them to the honey flow.  I hope your bees came through the winter in good condition and you have a great  honey flow come april.
All of us at Poor Valley Bee Farm would like to wish our customers and friends a vey merry Christmas and a blessed new year.
Package Bees and a Promotional Drawing

We will start taking orders for package bees and queens December 1, 2013 for delivery in the first week of April 2014, weather permitting.  Be sure to get your order in early; we have a limited number of packages.

In the meantime, the first 200 folks to order supplies via our online store will be entered in a drawing for a 3# package of bees with a marked queen.  Thanks to everyone for your interest in our business, and we look forward to serving you through the winter and into the 2014 season!

Let Us Not Have a Repeat of Last Year
I checked my bees on Wednesday the 14th and found that the bees did not have a lot of excess honey stored for winter. If the weather pattern does not change, the bees will eat up what meager stores they have and will have no reserves for winter. I would advise everyone to avoid a repeat of last year and keep a close eye on their bees and feed if necessary, check for mites, and make sure you have a good laying queen.
Something To Think About
We at poor valley bee farm would like to hear from people that visit the website, we are considering adding an online store to the website. We hope you will voice your opinion by e-mailing us at birdandbev@yahoo.com, or by leaving feedback on the blog or on facebook. We think we can offer a quality product at a very fair price with good customer service.  Please let us know how you feel.
Honey Harvest Time
It is time for some people to harvest honey.  Be sure that the honey you harvest is of the right moisture content. It should be 18.5% or less water content to avoid fermentation, unless you want to make mead.  Just remember to leave your bees adequate stores for winter in case we don't have a fall honey flow.
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