Why Choose Us?

As a small, family-owned business, Poor Valley Bee Farm understands the challenges beekeepers face in serving their bees on a limited budget.  We do our best to deliver quality beekeeping supplies and equipment at reasonable prices, selling directly to other beekeepers in the surrounding area and across the U.S.  For those within driving distance of the Farm, we offer further savings by eliminating shipping and handling charges through on-site pick-up.  We recognize shipping costs cut deep into beekeepers' budgets.  We wish we could eliminate them.  While we can't always offer free shipping, we can offer you the lowest possible prices on our merchandise, and we believe if you shop around and compare, you'll find we deliver significant savings even after you account for shipping and handling.

Whether you're buying bee hive kits, beekeeping suits, or honey extractors, you’re buying the same products we use here at the Farm.  Our hands-on experience means you’re buying from someone who knows the products and has tested them with working bee hives.  We’re available to answer your questions about any product, and can provide helpful guidance and observations on best practices.  For beginning beekeepers, classes and consultations are available on request.

Beekeepers have always maintained a symbiotic relationship with farms and farmers.  Bees and other pollinators are a critical part of the engine that drives worldwide food production.  Their presence consistently equates to higher  and more consistent yields, accounting for one-third of worldwide crop production according to a recent study.  The decline in wild bee populations over the course of the last decade has dramatically reduced the number of active pollinators.  Many farms have turned to beekeepers for help.  Poor Valley Bee Farm is pleased to partner with local producers to locate our hives near flowering crops that depend on pollination for production.  Contact us for details and availability.