Our Honey

At Poor Valley Bee Farm, we turn to the experts when it comes to honey.

No one knows more about processing honey than bees themselves, so our job is to simply keep them healthy, happy, and stay out of their way.  Our honey is all natural and free from preservatives.  For those who have only tasted store bought honey, you owe it to yourself to try our local honey.

Our honey’s flavor will naturally vary by season and location of the hive which produced it.  In the way a wine reflects the terroir of its grapes, honey’s flavor profile reflects the flora of its region of production.  The taste, color, and even texture of our honey evolves throughout the year, from the first fruits of spring to the final bottles of fall.  And while we have a vested interest in seeing customers return to try our honey throughout the year, we truly believe that experiencing these differences is part of what makes honey so enjoyable.